I'm Jo, but I like to go by The Scarlet Stitch! I am crochet artist who specializes in costume making! As a nerd, I love cosplay, so the vast majority of my work is cosplays. I've also been know to dabble in other art forms, but I always seem to come back to crochet.

  My introduction to crochet was actually not related to anything particularly nerdy. When I was a Junior in Girl Scouts my troop decided that we would earn the Silver Award, the highest award a Junior can earn. To earn it, each of us had to contribute at least 50 hours to a service project. Our project was to provide supplies for a children's hospital in Sierra Leonne. Initially, the plan was to sew pillow cases, baby blankets, and hospital gowns. Sewing, however, proved to be an inefficient choice for me, as I made an enemy out of every sewing machine I touched back then. Luckily a troop member's grandmother volunteered to teach us how to crochet baby blankets. At the end of the lesson I truly thought that sewing would work better for me ( I know it's crazy). Then I broke my sewing machine and was forced to pursue other options. As a last resort, I went to Youtube and somehow managed to get down a couple basic stitches. From there I made 5 blankets for the project and earned my Silver Award! 

     When the Silver Award project ended it looked like crochet and I would part ways. I was very wrong about this. For a Latin project I randomly decided to crochet a hat ( it was of the Nemean Lion). Then for another Latin project I crocheted a Mount Vesuvius plushie. With the creation of these projects the creative gears in my head started turning. First, I made a couple hats and scarves as accessories for cosplay. Then I thought: "Why not just crochet an entire costume?" So I did. And then I did it again and again.

     All of this has brought me to where I am now, one way or another. My nerdom and love for crochet have shaped me into a yarn obsessed cosplayer.  Looking ahead I see myself continuing to crochet and cosplay. I am going to school to study the fiber arts. After school my goal is to create content for those looking to crochet the sort of things I do. I've already had one crochet pattern published through Simplicity and since my first go at crochet pattern writing I've been eager to learn all I can so I may create better resources for others!

Here's the only photo I have of my very first cosplay!

Here's the only photo I have of my very first cosplay!