Fun fact! I actually made this costume way before the Bowsette hype hit the internet. A genderbend version of Bowser was actually my very first “official” cosplay, which I made when I was 13. I was never much of a Mario fan, but I did always gravitate toward Bowser when playing games like Mario Kart. I threw my own video game themed party so I could dress up as Bowser and try my hand at cosplay for the first time. Needless to say I continued to dress up on the regular.

Fast forward 6 years later, I decide to re-do my Bowser cosplay with a new design and using my now expanded skill set. This was in June of 2018, so still before the craze of Bowsette. However, I still have plans to return to this costume and add even more fun details like a tail and shell!

I also took the time to write a pattern for my cosplay as I made it AND I filmed a work log. You can check out these resources here.

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