Blanket Balcony Installation

I yarn bombed my balcony for my home installation work; I chose this space because I wanted to make it feel more welcoming and homey. Balconies are and opportunity to bring your home space into an outdoor environment and my roommate and I had yet to really decorate outside of a table and chairs. The blankets are placed over the glass panels of the balcony and each blanket is made up of scrap yarn I had in my stash. Finishing up yarn from my stash to add to my balcony felt more appropriate than going out and buying new yarn so I could get the most use out of my yarn. The crazy colors of the blankets and various stitches I used are meant to be reminiscent of retro crochet blankets, which are my favorite. I enjoy wild color schemes and mismatched afghans because there’s less stress to be perfect when working on them and you can focus more on making it personal. I often say I love “hideous” blankets and I definitely kept this in mind and completely freestyled these panels.

These yarn bombed panels can be seen pretty easily from the street. It signals a colorful and lively home while also showing off an interest in crafts like crochet. The space created with these crochet blankets evokes a domestic feeling. It had snowed when I was attaching these and after I was done the space immediately felt cozier. Unfortunately, I took the blankets down after taking pictures because they weren’t weatherproofed but I would like to reattach them and see how people walking along the street would view them. Also, having them up long term would encourage me to spend more time in the space; I don’t want to pay for an entire apartment and actively avoid a whole space in it because it’s disconnected from the aesthetic of my home.