Crochet Superhero Mask Tutorial


Superhero Mask Crochet Tutorial

Ms. Marvel is a costume that I've made and worn many times, so by now I feel pretty confident with how I make my mask for her. This mask design is used in a notable number of superhero costumes, which means this tutorial can be helpful beyond just Ms. Marvel cosplays! I avoided specifics in terms of measurements and numbers throughout this because it isn't a pattern; rather, a guide for the method I use that can be altered as needed for others to make their own ideal hero masks!


  • -Pipe Cleaners

  • -H Hook

  • -Acrylic Yarn, Medium (4)

  • -Scissors

  • -Tapestry Needle


Trim pipe cleaners and shape them to cover your eyes as desired.

Make sure to try on your mask as you go along, so you're happy with how it looks BEFORE you crochet around it! I made mine with extra large eye holes so I could have maximum visibility at cons!


Starting in the middle section of the mask, single crochet across the bridge.

After crocheting across the middle bridge between eyes of the mask, half double crochet around the first eye hole. When you've gone around one eye and made it back to the other side, single crochet along the other side of the middle section before half double crocheting around the other eye. 

*For masks with a more defined point, ch in between half double crochet stitches at each point. I used one chain between the half double crochet stitches at the points and my mask has slight points.*


To create the ties, crochet a chain from the outer corners of each eye hole to the length that best works for you!

The last step, per usual, is to weave in all of the ends. Now you're ready to go out and save the day in a brand new crochet accessory! As always, I would abosilutely love to see what you make with this tutorial. You can find links to all of my social media on this site so please don't hesitate to tag me in a post of your creation!